Sunday, 29 December 2019

Is Scuba Diving Dangerous ?

Scuba Diving is not at all dangerous if you are trained properly. Learn from a qualified and experienced  instructor.  You find it dangerous, when you cross your limits. Dive as per your qualified level and you will know your limits and the risk you are in and play safe.

We teach Padi courses and we are a 5 Star Dive center.

Friday, 28 June 2019

Is Scuba Diving Taught In Kerala.

Yes, Scuba Diving Is Taught In Kerala At Kochi / Cochin At Neel Diving.

We Teach Scuba Diving Courses, Technical Course And First Aid Courses. We Are A 5 Star Dive Center. We Check Our Customers Breathing Air or Air Purity.
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Public Safety Diver (PSD)Course From PADI.

Can Anyone become a Public Safety Diver

Yes, Anyone can Become A Public Safety Diver

But He should be physically and mentally fit, should be a good swimmer.

To Earn a PADI Public Safety Diver Certificate - The Pre-requisite are.

1) He Should Complete The Padi Open Water Course
2) Should Complete PADI Advance Open Water Course, Then Emergency First Response Course to Rescue Diver And Can Apply For The Public Safety Diver Course.
Public Safety Diver Course Is taught in India at Neel Diving Call +91 9633331016

Thursday, 20 December 2018

Can Non Swimmers do scuba diving

Non swimmers can do scuba diving. First the instructor teach to breath by partially immersed  in water in the pool
. When comfortable, they take you down. Learning few more techniques like equalization and mask clearing, You Can Do It 

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Can I Learn Scuba Diving?

Yes, Anyone Can Learn Scuba Diving.
Even non-swimmers can learn to scuba dive.
Best option is to go to a good dive center. We prefer a PADI certified Dive center.
If you have no confidence, try Discover Scuba Dive Course (DSD).
For DSD you have one hour + training in the  swimming pool. Before that you need to read the booklet given by PADI. That makes life little easier.
And a scuba dive to 5 meters.
Hope you will enjoy.

Minimum qualification to teach is Dive Master with internship or Scuba Diving Instructor.
Always check the qualification certificate, which will be displayed at the Dive Center.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Scuba Diving at Cochin & Lakshadweep

It is really awesome diving at Lakshadweep. The visibility is superb, feeling to be down for hours till the air permits.

Just thought of commercial diving, where you work for hours, forgetting to enjoy the underwater world of the wild and beautiful. Those hard underwater labours, enjoying the work in the bluish atmosphere.

Sometimes, Feel pity when working in zero visibility,  Anyway, I feel all Diver do enjoy in one way or the other.
Some with photograph, some like the deepest water to explore new wrecks and to achieve the deepest point on earth.

Diving in Cochin gives a good experience to work as a commercial diver at any part of the world.

Come join the commercial diving course with us the feel the experience!